Cameron Lloyd Akif ”Cam” Wood was born in St: Mungo’s Hospital, 22:56 GMT. He was born on 11th February 2000 and is currently 18 years of age. He was raised in a small wizarding village, Ottery St. Catchpole where he still lives. He's the best-friend of the current Minister Darius Jennings and his cousin Alec Wood. He is a member of the Wood Family, a pure-blood family, who reside in the "Wood Manor" in Ottery St. Catchpole. His father owns the Manor together with his brother and cousins. Akif still lives with his parents in the big Manor. Since three years of age Akif uses his third name to identify himself to others.

He's a character in the Role-Playing community Hoggiehallows and joined the forum on the opening premier.



Portrait of Akif Wood


Akif was gifted his appearance from his mother, her blonde hair and thick, bright eyes. He’s flattening blonde hair down to his ears and it glitter like gold when the sun is reflecting his hair. His eyes are thick, bright green, one that matches the tone of a clear green ocean. They are soft and welcoming but can quickly turn into cold and stony. Standing 6'4", he’s taller than most of the boys of his ages and muscularly build, with a six-pack. Akif has a smooth and very light, soft tan complexion. His metabolism is naturally very high and therefore sucks up any fat that he would have the optional of gaining, although his weight is usual for somone of his age. Ought to be the reason why he is so muscular as he is. He has a very unique and rare smile. His tooth shines as he opens his mouth wide.

He commonly wears his long, black robe apart from when he's at home or by the beach. In winter and autumn he wears a knit top, a pull-over or muggle clothing. He matches this with a pair of jeans of the colour type blue and black shoes to match his robe, and with a Gryffindor scarf around his neck when it's coldest. He drags his robes with him at summer when in crowded places. To feel a lot more comfortable he wears a T-Shirt inside and shorts, and flip-flops. The short is usually also a swimming trunk. He leaves his robe at home if he goes swimming as he doesn’t want it to be a beard.


Akif can easily be summed up in one word: complicated. He shares the bravery and kindness of the Gryffindor house and shows this often. Akif is a good hearted lad who cares for others and is very polite. He treats people the way they treat him and believes that respect is something that has to be earned, as well as trust. There have been moments where he has done something criminal, but only for the greater good. As he has aged he has been wondering what his true cause and place in the world is. This has often lead to confusion and he has felt himself somewhat lost. He has put himself in situations where he is a dark and brutal person but came to the cunclusion that it wasn't the true him. He sees himself as one of the good guys. He is very revengeful as a person and lives up to the fullest of causing double the damage of what someone has done to him. He excels the most at Arithmancy and Astronomy, his favourite subjects. Despite Akif's easy going attitude, he is unusually intelligent. He is able to see the patterns in almost all things and can quickly deduce solutions for most problems.

Magic and Skills

Akif owns a wand which is made out of oak and has a phoenix feather sticking out of the tip. His wand contains all of his magic and power. Akif has a special band with his wand which controls the wands magic and strength. Akif’s abilities revealed themselves in an early age, after his 4th birthday. It started with small explosion which he couldn’t control, but as he aged the explosions got bigger and bigger when he finally learned how to control his abilities at the age of ten. Another ability that revealed itself when Akif was five years old was the ability of flight. Akif got punished once by his father for flying across a muggle habited village. After this incident he never flew again and this ability was soon forgotten. It was after three months he first found out about this ability. Trough meditation, where Akif becomes one with his mind, can Akif write his own Prophecies, later the same day when he sleeps he gets visions in his dreams. And he has also learned Legilimens and Occlumens for half a year but didn't use these abilities as he didn't want to trespass others minds. He has begun to meditate again to learn Legilimens and Occlumens once again. Meditation strengthens his magic.


0-3 Years of Age

Akif is the third child, second son in his family. He was born at the same day as his cousin and best friend Alec. His uncle Oliver Wood was determined to make them both great Quidditch Players, as himself. As an early step to this Akif and Alec both received Quidditch Outfits for babies when they were newborn. His father August Wood didn't really like this as he wanted Akif to follow in his footsteps and become an Auror. Akif grew up in the Manor, Wood Manor where he still lives. When Akif was two years old he got a little sister, Maggie Wood.


Akif on the Manor's Quidditch Pitch.

3-6 Years of Age

From crawling to walking! Akif learned to walk and took his first steps when he was three years old. Not only was he able to walk but he also learned to speak. At his 3rd birthday Akif received a broom from his uncle, specialised for children at his age. Alec received one as well. Soon they, together, began to fly on their brooms and play a position in Quidditch with his father and uncle supervising. Akif mostly practised himself in Keeper- and Seeker position (with Alec trying to score at him) and a little in Beater and Chaser position. They have a half Quidditch yard at the backyard of their Manor where Akif practised. At the age of four Akif's first magical abilities revealed themselves. He accidentally set things on fire and caused them to explode. He wasn't able to control them and the older he got the bigger and stronger his explosions’ was. And as he grew older new abilities revealed themselves like the ability of flight when he was five years old. Every time he went to bed his mother read a wizarding story which helped him sleep. His most favourite story of all time was "The Warlock's Hairy Heart".

6-9 Years of Age

The Wood Family started the "tradition" to go on picnics and family dinners. The family got themselves closer to each other. Akif and his older sister Lana got along together and Akif's mentor was his older brother Sean. He looked up to him and wanted to do pretty much everything he did. Akif gained control of his abilities and there were no more blowing things up and setting them on fire. When he was seven years old Akif was disappointed on his brothers leaving the Manor for Hogwarts.

9-11 Years of Age

At she summers, and the holidays, Akif spent as much time as possible with his brother and sister who both went to Hogwarts. He tried to make the best out of the time. The family still went on picnics and family dinners. At his 9th birthday he had gotten himself a new broom from his father (as he had given up all hope about Akif becoming an Auror due to his passion about Quidditch). It was faster than the one he had before. It was still a toy as he wasn't given a real broom, not after he began at Hogwarts. As Akif received a wand it also made it possible for him to regain full control of his abilities and magic over the years.

School Years

After ca. 6 months after from his birthday Akif received a letter sent by Minerva McGonagall, headmistress at that time. He was accepted as a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lots of shopping had to be done. His father and mother took him to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies such as wand, books, robe etc. His most important purchase was his best friend O’Neill, a snow-white owl.

Early in September 1st Akif’s father drove him to King’s Cross Station with a car. He was taken to Hogwarts with the train ‘Hogwarts Express’.

Akif was sorted into Gryffindor house. He was proud to be a Gryffindor as the rest of his family. In his fifth year Akif wished to have been sorted into Slytherin instead as his mother was a Slytherin student. Know he no longer wishes so.

First Year

He spent the most of his time making friends with other students. Even though the rivalry between the two houses, Gryffindor and Slytherin, Akif made friends with Darius Jennings. Akif was a hard worker and spent the nights making his homework’s and spent the days reading books.

Second Year

Akif began to explore the most part of the school and got caught several times in the Forbidden Forest by the Prefects. He had discovered secret passages leading to in to Hogsmeade. He constantly joined the tryouts for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He later became the Keeper for the team.

Third Year

Akif joined the Chess Club in his third year and was well good at it. He was better than some and an average layer to others. He spent less time with Darius as Darius had found his sister which left a gap and emptiness to their friendship. This gave time for Akif to spend more time with his other friends. Akif was kidnapped by a man named Orlando Pierros. He witnessed a murder, the murder of Lea Willis. After her murder he built a wall around himself as he was frightened of the sight of someone getting murdered.

Fourth Year

Darius didn’t go to Hogwarts this year. No one knew what had happened to him so Akif spent his time alone, mostly in the library. He didn’t spend much time with his other friends and kept himself in distance from the other students.

Fifth Year

The wall around him disappeared as he had found love. His first girlfriend was Lavender Mist and they spent all their days’ together. He met a Slytherin student, 'Pity', and they soon became close friends. Akif discovered a room near the library, a hidden room. He named it ‘The Hidden Prophecy’ as a Prophecy was hidden in the centre of the room. He began to get visions instead of dreams when he slept. He began to write Prophecies which all came true and it all happened every time he visited the room. He was thrown into Azkaban for helping a friend escaping, but luckily he was only imprisoned for a couple of days. He was imprisoned by Dolosus Decsessus the Minister himself at that time. Dolosus had also kidnapped Akif when he had found out about his ability as a seer, which he used to write prophecies. He was taken to the Ministry of Magic - Department of Mysteries. He was forced to fortune a prophecy, which he refused to. But he had no choice and had to tell him something. Instead of telling him what he saw he lied. He told him it was about something that happened in the past, but it wasn't. The prophecy was about the minister himself, luckily he would never find out.

Sixth Year

Akif and Lavender broke up and later the same year Akif had made himself a new girlfriend. Her name was Emma-Leigh and sadly she died at the end of the school year. Akif spent most of his time in ‘The Hidden Prophecy’. After the headmistress death a new one was sonly reinstated, Dolores Umbridge. He joined the ‘Inquisitorial Squad’ as well. He borrowed books from the library about ancient magic which he read about in 'The Hidden Prophecy'-room. And this was the time it happened. All the years he thought was a dream was actually a memory. He learned to control his second ability as a child – Flight. He meditated very often and levitated as he did so. He wanted to keep his ability a secret and stopped using it and hasn’t used it for over a year.

Seventh Year

Akif was chosen as Head Boy and he was happy and proud of himself. He was stressed because of the upcoming NEWT’s. When he finally caught up with everything he found his new love, Rebeka Shaw. Love in first sight. Something unpredictable happened. When Akif was in the Diagon Alley Darius revealed himself out of no where. Their friendship continued from where they had left. After a couple of weeks together with Rebeka, Akif kissed another woman. But that's about it. This is the weirdest year for Akif. Emma-Leigh had faked her own death and came to meet Akif in Hogwarts. A year full of lies! Akif broke out with her but Emma-Leigh seeks forgiveness. Akif rejects her as he can not find a reason why to forgive her. Rebeka has shown herself friendlier against Akif and has begun to speak to him. Akif has gone back to his old habits. He recently visited 'The Hidden Prophecy'-room to find his abilities once again. He uses his time to gain his ability of Legilimens and Occlumens back. He decided to this after an attempt to talk to Leo whom cannot speak any English at all.



Akif at the age of 35-60

With a month left before Akif finally educates from Hogwarts has he considered on what job to apply for. It has shown that it’s quite difficult to choose a job, but Akif has decided to apply for Auror - To fight the darkness. But... but the darkness has revealed itself for Akif, as an optional path of living life, thus making it even more difficult on what to do after his life at Hogwarts. One thing was sure about his career life - He was going to play for Puddlemere United's Quidditch team along with his uncle and cousin. They would probably make it to the reserve-team. His best-friend, and the Minister of Magic, Darius Jennings hired Akif as his Right-Hand Man. He has kindly rejected the dark side after an attempt by Orlando Pierros to kidnap him. There is a slight chance of him joining a dark allegiance. He's searching for his sister Lana, a vampire, to slay her.