Amy Lestrange was born in St Mungo’s Hospital, 07:56 GMT. Se was born on the 11th May 1998. Amy is the middle child of three sisters. Alexus Lestrange and Kelly Lestrange. Amy is also the cousion of Ruby, Paige and Scarlett Lestrange.

Attributes Edit

Appearance Edit

Amy is around 5ft8". She has dark brown hair and has green eyes, Her appearence is like the typical Lestrange tall ad dark haired.

Magic and Skills Edit

Amy owns a 11 Oak wand with a Barn Owl Feather fused inside. At the age if 17 Amy was bieng chase by a bear in a forest and fount out that sh had a fox animagus. Amy also has a fox for her patronus form.

Current Life Edit

Career Edit

Amy is one of the five of her family to work at Hogwarts. She was the replacement of the now deceased Dellia Mercily. She took the role of Charm Professor and Gryffindor Head Of House.