Cade Volkan

See the Volkans for more info about the family behind Lavaltrie Wizarding School.

Cade Volkan is 24 years of age, the son of Marcus Volkan and has two brothers, Nikolas and Damion. Cade was living in London until he moved to Riviere de Loup with his brother Nikolas, his wife, Sloane, and his nieces Lacy and Shayla. There, he took on the role of caretaker at his brother's new school.

Cade attended Hogwarts. When he left the school, he was killed by a group of muggles, but a man named Luther Cross brought him back to life and made him immortal. Luther tortured Cade into doing whatever he wanted and Cade was at his mercy until he managed to banish Luther after he saw that Luther had banished his niece, Shayla. When Cade showed up in London, he took over the Three Broomsticks and met up with his father again, but he was searching for Kali Hunter. He wanted to bring Luther back. He managed to do this, but Marcus killed Luther and Cade was free again.

Cade met Sloane Melusine and the two started dating. When his brother Niko opened the school, Cade and Sloane both went with him. While in Riviere, they married each other at Volkan Inn one night in front of the entire family. Cade is currently residing in Riviere and has been employed as the caretaker of Lavaltrie Wizarding School. He and his wife are expecting.

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