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Orlando first lived with his parent’s. They lived in Bolzano, a small town in Italy, in a grand wooden house. Orlando was always his father’s favourite, and Dolosus was his mothers, however the other parent did not hate the other child. Orlando was a strong magical child, and he couldn’t contain himself at such a young age. One day, after Orlando had turned three, he caused a very big explosion, causing the house to be blown to pieces and injuring both his parents. He was told by his mother that his father died as a cause of this, and she shipped him off into an orphanage.

Orlando spent the rest of his time, before going to the wizard’s school in Italy, here in the orphanage. He was always seen with one boy in particular, they seemed to have something in common, the boy’s name was Leonardo. Orlando and Leo shared a room at the orphanage and were both the same age. By the time they were eleven, both knew that each other was magical. In their last year at the orphanage they received frequent visits form an Italian Ministry Official, to check on their progress. It seemed every time he had visited the pair were becoming strong and being able to control themselves more.

Orlando did not go to a muggle school, as the head career knew of his ability. He was home-schooled in the basic things that they would learn in Muggle School, but nothing of any magical knowledge. He continued to learn about Math’s, English and muggle Science at the orphanage, along with Leo. They did not care about it too much, but both never liked doing bad at anything. (more...)

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Darius Demolishes Devastating Opponent

Darius Jennings had been elected as the new Minister for Magic. He had a landslide victory over Dolosus Decsessus. He took 79% of the votes and said "I'm proud to be your Minister. I guarantee you the elimination of crime from our magical community" Due to becoming the Minister, Jennings has had to leave his post of Head Auror. Decsessus was interviewed the day after the election. He said "I'm not that disappointed. I tried my best but Senator Jennings had better theories. It's a harsh world but I'm sure Jennings will be an excellent Minister. But at the next election I'll go to extreme lengths to become the Minister" He ignored all other questions and refused to speak after that. So Jennings beats Decsessus. Now the magical community will have to see what Jennings has in store for us.

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Hogwarts: Revolutionising Quidditch

For centuries it has been the tradition of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to allow the four different houses, each founded by one of the four greatest Witches and Wizards of a past age (Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin) to compete for the 'House Cup'. In short, the houses have a Quidditch Tournament spread out over the year. Now, however, there is a new idea. Sources report that Minerva McGonagall is changing Quidditch, perhaps not for the better. The ancient Headmistress has decided to let a Staff Team Compete against a team of students. This, of course, could simply be an unfortunate blunder made by the aged brain of the Headmistress. Do parents really want their children exposed to adult wizards? Is there any guarantee that the young children will not be hurt? Who knows, only time will tell as the first anonymously dated match commences.

Alexus Lestrange,

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