FANDOM was founded by a young female named Leanne Willis on July 24th, 2007. She has successfully kept the site running for over nine months now and will continue to run the site for as long as she feel's it will be alive.

Many people have helped Leanne in the long run. Alot of help coming from the previous Owner, Callum Wade, who unfortunatly, recently resigned from his position as Owner and Head master, but is still welcome on the site whenever he wants.

The domain, is owned by Josh, a previous member of the community.

We wish you a fun stay and hope you tell many others about us. is a role playing community based on the Harry Potter book series, 20 years after the events in Deathly Hallows. A lot of things have changed. Voldemort is dead. Hogwarts seems safe. But remember, don't go making friends with the wrong sort.