General Information

Full Name: Kelly Arina Lestrange

Age: Nineteen

Place of Birth: London, England.

Dating Status: Single (Seeing)

Family: Amy Lestrange and Alexus Lestrange (Sisters)

Isabelle Lestrange (Second Cousin)

Amethyst Lestrange (Second Cousin)



Bellatrix Lestrange + Tom Riddle


Ruby Lestrange

Paige Lestrange

Scarlett Lestrange


Paige Lestrange + Orlando Pierros


Isabelle Lestrange


Paige Lestrange + Camron Shear


Raquel Lestrange (Deceased)


Scarlett Lestrange + Blake Montel


Amethyst Lestrange


Rosario Lestrage + Alexander Black


Amy Lestrange

Alexus Lestrange

Kelly Lestrange


Kelly is a generally nice woman, her family is the only thing that keeps her going. She has only had one love interest in her lifetime, Alfie Dwyre, a kind and sensitive auror. Kelly tries to keep her love for Alfie a secret, having never trusted anyone except her closest relatives. Her fears of being hurt show themselves an awful lot, making her agressive and snappy at times. Only few have seen her weak and fragile side, only letting herself show this side when the time is right. Romance is Kelly's weak spot, she feels that she needs to covered with love and affection to feel accepted. Attention isn't always neccesary, she believes that whether she is loved or not, she will always have her family.

Kelly is extremely close to Scarlett, her cousin. They both share the same issues and problems with life, the curse of becoming a werewolf when moonlight hits them. Kelly opens herself up alot to Scarlett, feeling that she has the same beliefs and is also insecure about her problem. Although Scarlett was infact the one who cursed Kelly, she feels that her destiny was to become closer to Scarlett and have a shoulder to cry on.


Kelly's wand is her only connection with her mother, the one person who was by her side when she was young. Her wand symbolises both her kind and agressive side, unicorn wing and dragon scale. She has not yet found the reason in which her wand is attracted to her love, Alfie Dwyre. Kelly is quite a strong woman, her wand allows her to send powerful curses and spells. Oak, 10" Unicorn wings and dragon scale