There is a new wizarding school near you! It's called Kodiak Academy. Created by Elizabeth Longtom. It is a role playing site with lots of fun activities. It is non-cannon with a few exceptions. On Kodiak you can become lots of things, students, professor, Head of House, Deputy Head of House or even just a Prefect.

We have four houses: Brooke (Prof. Elizabeth Longtom, HOH)Nikki (Prof. Isabella Channing, HOH), David (Prof. Edward Cullen, HOH) and Lucas (Prof. Emma Wilkes). Heres some information about the houses:


Brooke house is an all girl house. These students are very intelligent and help each other in any way they can. This house has been true to their hearts and they know, if they work hard they can achieve. The founder of this house was Brooke Abercrambie.


Nikki house, like Brooke house, is an all girl house. These students are very gentle and find the best in everyone. They are a very sensitive and will mostly be caught socializing. This founder of this house was Nikki Abercrambie.


David house, unlike the houses above, is an all boy house. These students can be dangerous though. They are impulsive and aren't the nicest wizards these students will often be caught in there common room. They often make up excuses to get out of work. The founder of this house was David Incormfo.


Lucas house is also an all boys house. They are loyal, spiritual, and dauntless. These boys are unlike the David's. They often are either ignoring the David's or in fights with them. They know that they should protect others more than themselves. The founder of this house was Lucas Incormfo.

We will have Prefects chosen for each house. A maximum of 5. After the first term of classes, the HOH and the Governors will choose overall Head Students.

Classes consist of magical classes with some non-magical. A couple are Divinations, Dark Creatures, Charms, Herbology, and Equestrian Training, and yet more to come.

We will also have students playing Quodpot. There are 11 players per team (house). students try to get it into a pot and if it explodes while your holding it your out. There are four different positions: 1 Subsisto's (stopper) 6 Conicio's (throwers) 2 Turbo's(like beaters, confuser) 1 muggio (like a seeker, is under everyone to catch the ball if it falls These events will be held on Chatzy's.

Please check us out and join us!

~ Prof. Longtom

Kodiak Academy