See the Volkans for more info about the family behind Lavaltrie Wizarding School.

Lavaltrie Wizarding School and Community

Welcome to the Lavaltrie Wizarding School and Community Wikia. Our forum is a non-canon wizarding roleplay community unlike most others. We have a wizarding school on the forums and are now in the process of creating a University and a Childrens School. Along with the three schools, we have a two towns, Riviere de Loup, a wizarding town and Riviere de Colombe, a suburb of Riviere de Loup that is home to the muggle community.

One of the main reasons I created Lavaltrie Wizarding School is because of limitations. I have been a member of other wizarding roleplay forums and I felt like my ability to roleplay was hindered or limited. I wanted to provide a place for people to come where they could be free to roleplay the way they wanted to without too many rules to limit their use of imagination and creativity.

Along with Prof. Sloane Volkan and Lord Marcus Volkan, who is by all rights, my father on the forums, we made a community for members to enjoy. With over 100 members, we are active daily and we have a lot of fun roleplaying together.

Since its birth, we've tried many different things on the forums. We had a Ministry at one time, but that didn't pan out, so we did away with it. Now, what we do have is working and members really seem to enjoy what we have to offer, so I hope you'll come and join us soon because at our forums, the possibilities are endless.