Details Edit

Name: Milisa Pacelli

Age: 15 Years Old

Mother: Antonia Pacelli

Father: Antonio Pacelli (Dead)

Brother: Antonio Pacelli (Younger)

Apperance and Personality Edit

Milisa has brown shoulder length hair and wears brown framed glasses.

She is someone who tries her best but is always getting up to something with her friends.

Background Edit

Milisa was born in a Muggle town in London and then when she was three years old her mother gave birth to her brother Antonio Pacelli.

When Milisa was five years old her mother put her into a muggle boarding school right up until she was turning ten. Where she came home to live with her parents for a year before going into Hogwarts.

When Milisa was ten she went camping with her dad who died that day and she still blames herself to this day because of his death

Life at Hogwarts Edit

First Year

Milisa entered Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor and became best friends with Glenn who she meet in a potions class.

Second Year

did nothing speacil just hanged around with Glenn.

Third Year

Her brother Antonio came and got sorted into Slythrin and so Milisa, Glenn and Antonio started to hang around. Milisa also joined in with Peeves and his gang at this point after sevral annoying things from Peeves

Forth Year

Made Friends with Fleur and started to hang around with more people but started to cause trouble with Glenn at the same time

Fifth Year

In Milisa's Fifth year she nearly gets expelled with Glenn.

Milisa makes friends with Stephanie Harris.

Milisa witnesses Glenn torture Stephanie.

Milisa see's Lexi and finds out that it is Glenn's new Girlfriend

Milisa Duel's with Glenn and then they fall out

Milisa is sitting in the comman room with Toby, Stephanie, Marcia and Fleur when Lexi bursts in and after fighting for a while Lexi sets fire to the comman room.

Milisa makes up with Glenn when she got out of the Hospital wing after the fire

Milisa feels sad and had lost three good friends when Stephanie, Marcia and Toby died