Prof. Nikolas Volkan

See the Volkans for more info about the family behind Lavaltrie Wizarding School.

Prof. Nikolas Volkan is 17 years of age, the son of Prof. Marcus Volkan and has two older brothers, Cade and Damion. Nikolas was living in London with his father Marcus Volkan until he moved to Riviere de Loup with his brother Cade, Cade's wife, Sloane, and his nieces Lacy and Shayla. There, he opened Lavaltrie Wizarding School, hiring his brother Cade as caretaker and making Sloane Deputy Headmistress of the school, while he took on the role of Headmaster.

Nikolas attended Hogwarts until he was 13. He left the school with Chaz Anders and went to Little Hangleton where he got drunk, married Misty Hunter, who was Chaz's mother, though Nikolas didn't know this. He and Chaz went into a nearby town and killed off every muggle in town. Nikolas spent a year in Azkaban before heading to Hogsmeade where he lied about his age on his a professor application at Hogwarts. He was hired and spent a year teaching Basic Charms.

Meanwhile, Niko's father showed up in London and started teaching at Hogwarts too. Father and Son were reunited, but it wasn't exactly on good terms. Nikolas was more interested in having fun, while Marcus wanted him to take life seriously. When Chaz showed up in London, Nikolas threw a wild party, but Marcus broke the party up and lectured his son until Niko decided to do something responsible for a change. When he finally revealed to his father that he'd opened a school in Riviere, he expected his father to be proud, but Marcus told him that this was irresponsible as well. Niko moved to Riviere where he focused on the school and his fun, but Marcus soon joined him there and would thwart his son's plans every chance he got.

Niko is currently gearing up for the start of term at Lavaltrie which will take place in July.

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