Prof. Sloane Volkan is a 21 year old metamorphmagus, the daughter of Morpheus Melusine(deceased) and Avonmora Falk-Melusine(deceased). Sloane was residing with the Volkan family in London until Nikolas requested her to come help him with Lavaltrie Wizarding School, along with her husband, Cade, and a few other in-laws, Lacy and Shay. She was given the spot of Deputy Headmistress and also became a Potions and Transfiguration professor in the school.

At the age of 5, Sloane was found by some muggles, practicing her metamorphism in the woods surrounding her family's American home. For revenge of being ignored by both parents, she led the muggles into the home, letting them kill her mother and father, while she escaped the home and shortly after went to live with her aunt, Dervila Melusine, in England. She lived with her aunt until she attended Hogwarts at the age of 11. Upon leaving Hogwarts, she married her long time boyfriend, Cade Volkan, and left on a trip with her husband and long time friend, Aaron Morris, to America to kill the muggles that killed her parents.

While in America, after adopting a young witch, Sophie Nayes, they stumbled upon a muggle town, where Cade and Sophie were sacrificed. Upon reaching the wizarding world again, to end her grief, someone cast a faulty memory charm on her, just blurring the bodies and names of her husband and daughter in every memory. Soon after, at the age of 20, she applied for a teaching job at Hogwarts and was accepted as a Transfiguration professor.

Meanwhile, she ran into Nikolas Volkan briefly and days later, conjured up Shay out of loneliness. Marcus Volkan found her and offered her a place in his home as a damsel. Sloane accepted and went to live with him, finding out many secrets about the Volkans. After some time, she visited the Three Broomsticks and spent the day chatting to Cade Volkan, who owned the bar. They began dating not long after and then after some time, Cade proposed and Sloane accepted. They accepted the invite to come to Lavaltrie Wizarding School and the town of Riviere de Loup not long after, where they were married in Volkan Inn, in front of Cade's family.

Sloane is now located in Riviere de Loup and works at Lavaltrie Wizarding School as Deputy Headmistress and Professor. She lives with her husband Cade and they are expecting twin boys.