Full Name: Stephanie Harris

Age: 11

Place of Birth: England


Mum: Helena Harris (Dead)

Dad: Sean Harris (Alive)


First Year

Stephanie has just started school at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry where she was sorted into the Gryffindor house, she hasnt made many friends, she has a made a good friends called Toby Sport who is also a fellow Gryffindor student. It was hard for Stehpanie to get use to the building as its quite big luckily a girl and boy named Satan Cooper and Glenn Schäfer showed her around, they took her to the Forbidden Forest and showed her the pond there and Glenn took her to see some Unicorns. Recently her ex friend Glenn tortured her on the rooftop of the school and made her unconious, she ok but keeps having nightmares about her parents. Stephanie recently started going with her friend Toby shes really happy, she met a friend called Marcia Weasley who ended up hanging around with Glenn and they both lock her inthe shrieking shack casting spells on her now Stephanie and Marcia are no longer friends. Stephanie and Marcia made friends but they never made it to second year, Toby, Stephanie and Marcia all got killed.


Stephanie is a quite girl just trying to find her way, she smart and tries not to get into trouble she wants to make her dad proud as her mum had a few weeks before school and he was all she had.


Stephanie is small and thin with blonde hair and has blue eyes

Her Future

Stephanie wants to follow in her mothers footsteps and become an Auror, if not then she doesnt really know she really has to wait till her final exams and see from there.