The Volkan Family

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The Volkan Family begins with the head of the family, Marcus Volkan. I'll give you a brief rundown of the family and then tell you who everyone is.

Marcus (44) and Eleanore Volkan - Eleanore (deceased) Nikolas (17), Cade (24), Damion Volkan (35) - sons of Marcus and Eleanore. Nisa Volkan (10) - daughter of Marcus Volkan. Lacy (17), Shayla (17), Chaz (17) - Damion Volkan and Misty Hunter's triplets Brandon Lash - Lacy's husband. Sloane Volkan - Cade's wife. Angel Morelli (11) - daughter of Marcus Volkan Luther Cross (deceased) - Grandfather of Chaz, Lacy, Shayla

Marcus Volkan is the head of the family and lived with his wife Eleanore in Little Hangleton. He kept to himself, rarely socializing with anyone in Little Hangleton. He and Eleanore gave birth to their first born son Damion Volkan. Cade followed eleven years later. Nikolas was the last of the children born to Marcus and Eleanore. Marcus died at the age of 44 due to a curse that had been placed on him, but his friend restored his life, making him an immortal. Marcus went into hiding and his friend Nathan was banished to another realm by Luther Cross, the man both had been trying to put an end to. When Marcus resurfaced, it was in London where he met up with his sons Nikolas and Cade. He is currently residing in London, but he had a home constructed in Riviere where his son Nikolas opened Lavaltrie. Marcus is a dark wizard with unbranded magical powers who watches over the Volkan family, preventing anyone from harming or threatening his children or his grandchildren.

Damion Volkan is the oldest of Marcus' sons. He is 35 and is a father to triplets, Lacy, Shayla, and Chaz. Damion was formerly married to a muggle woman named Lauren Bishop, but when his daughter Lacy started her career at Hogwarts, he ended his wife's life in the middle of the night and vowed never to mix with muggles again. Working as an auror for the Ministry of Magic, he moved to Hogsmeade so he could watch over his twin daughters. Having no idea where his son Chaz was because he'd left Chaz with Misty, he was unable to find out what his son was doing. Damion disappeared when Lacy and Shayla entered their third year at Hogwarts. He recently turned up in Riviere in search of his son Chaz, whom he announced was one of a set of triplets. His father and brothers learned that Chaz Anders was in fact a member of the Volkan Family.

Cade Volkan is the second born son to Marcus Volkan. He spent his ilfe growing up in Little Hangleton where he met Luther Cross. Cade was killed during a battle with muggles, but Luther restored his life and made him immortal. Cade began to follow Luther because Luther tortured him and threatened to kill his family. When Cade resurfaced in London, he was searching for his sister whom he thought to be named Kali. She was in fact his niece and her name was Shayla, but unaware of this Cade knew that finding Kali would be the only way to bring Luther back from a realm he'd been banished to. Cade found Kali and Luther was able to return, but Marcus Volkan finally put an end to Luther's life. When his brother Nikolas opened a school in Riviere, Cade followed along and took a job as the school's caretaker.

Nikolas Volkan is the younest son of Marcus Volkan. He started at Hogwarts at the age of eleven, but he left school two years later with his friend, Chaz Anders, unaware that Chaz was actually his nephew. The two went to Little Hangleton where they got into a bar and dran plenty of alchohol. Nikolas met up with Misty Hunter and agreed to marry her. Chaz knew that Misty was his mother, but he never told Nikolas because he didn't want to embarass his friend. After the informal ceremony, Niko and Chaz went into a nearby town full of muggles and killed off every single one of them. They got caught and they were sent to Azkaban, Niko for a year and Chaz for four years. Nikolas got his marriage to Misty anulled while in Azkaban. When Nikolas showed up in Hogsmeade, he started a path of lies. He told everyone that he was 26 while he was only 15 years of age. Due to his being a Loup Garou, he appeared to be older than he really was, so people believed this. Nikolas met up with Luther Cross and asked the man to alther his father's and his brother's memories so that Marcus wouldn't find out about Niko's adventures in Little Hangleton and Cade would not realize that Niko was his brother. The truth finaly came out and Nikolas was suddenly under the watchful eye of his father most times and every time he tried to have fun, Marcus would interfere and spoil it for him. When Niko opened Lavaltrie Wizarding School, he took Sloane, Cade, Lacy and Shay with him to Riviere.

Lacy Lash is one of a set of triplets. She was raised in Bloomsbury, England with her father Damion and a woman she thought to be her mother. Lacy found out later that Lauren was not her real mother. She met up with her sister Shayla when she started her career at Hogwarts School. Lacy met Brandon Lash in her first year, but the two didn't start dating until Lacy was in her third year. When Lacy graduated from Hogwarts, Brandon disappeared for a while. Lacy followed her Uncle Nikolas to Riviere with her sister Shayla. The twins opened Volkan Inn, while their Uncle opened a school nearby.

Shayla Volkan is one of a set of triplets. She was raised in a muggle orphanage when Lauren Bishop sent her away while Damion was away from home. In Shay's third year, she had a broom accident and lost her memory, so she left school and met up with Luther Cross. He wanted to know about her family, but she wouldn't tell him anything. He threatened her, so Shay tried to kill him, but Luther banished her to another realm. Cade found out what happened and banished Luther to the same realm. While there, Nathan contacted his friend Marcus and asked him to take on the role of Shayla's father. Nathan gave Shay a new identity and she was summoned back by SLoane Melusine. It was discovered later that Kali Hunter was really Shayla Volkan when Luther managed to return, but Marcus killed him before he could hurt Shay.

Chaz Anders is one of a set of triplets. Chaz spent eleven years with his mother Misty. He met Nikolas at Hogwarts and the two left school at the age of 13. Chaz ended up spending a year in Azkaban for killing a town full of Muggles along with Nikolas' help. When he showed up in London, Marcus was not happy to see him, but Chaz and Niko started their partying ways again until Marcus put an end to the partying. Chaz left, but he showed up again in London and Marcus decided to lock him in his dungeon. Chaz managed to escape, so he went to Riviere and met up with Nikolas. When his father Damion showed up, it was revealed that Chaz was actually a member of the Volkan Family.

Angel Morelli is a lost child of Marcus'. She has no idea that he is her father, nor does he knwo that she is his daughter. Angel's mother died when Angel was young so she was sent to stay with another family who abused her. Now she does not speak a word and has yet to find out about her place in the Volkan Family.

Nisa Volkan is the youngest child of Marcus'. She is ten years old and was born of an affair Marcus had with a woman named Medea. For all of her life, Nisa was hidden in a sacred chamber so her father could not find her. She was told that a man named Adonis was her father, but Marcus' loyal followers discovered Nisa and finally managed to get her outside where she met her real father and learned that she'd been lied to her whole life. Nisa showed up in the woods in Rivere where her brother Cade was prepared to perform a ritual to save his own life. He killed his sister while under the control of a large beast that had been sent by Luther Cross. After this was done, he remembered nothing. Marcus found his daughter and brought her back to life, before questioning his son about what had happened.

This is a brief look into the Volkan Family. If you'd like to know more, come and meett them at Lavaltrie Wizarding School in Riviere.

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