The Wood family goes back to the middle-age but only a small part of the family tree has been covered. The rest of the family tree has been lost in the flames of time. Some Wood family members have and still are dedicating their lives to cover the real truth and identity of their family. Many different theories have come up about where the Wood family is originated form. The family tree can only be tracked back to August, Aoife and Cornelius Wood, the first generation of the Wood family to be born in United Kingdom. The family motto is "Tutus in undis" which is Latin for "Safe on the waves".

There is a tale that says all wands owned by a Wood family member is made by the same Oak tree, located in a fairy-like lake with the tree by the centre of the lake. This place exists in a mountain surrounded forest in Western Scotland.

Family Tree


Disowned Family Members

Angus Wood Jr. of the fourth generation show was disowned for running away from home to get married.
Arthur Wood of the fifth generation shown was disowned for marrying the local transsexual whore.
Alexa Wood of the seventh generation shown was disowned for breaking all contact with the family.
Lana Wood of the seventh generation, cousin of Alexa, shown was disowned for being a vampire.

Wood Manor

Wood Manor is located in Ottery Street Catchpole, Devon. A small wizarding village. The Manor was built by the twins John and Sean Wood. Since then it has been given to the oldest male family member in generations. The current seecret-keepers of the Manor are Logan, Cassandra, Oliver, August, Mitchell and Kenneth Wood. Even though Kenneth Wood hadn’t past away he gave all his riches to his children, including the manor. During the year of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named came to power and over took the Ministry of Magic Oliver Wood suggested that extra security around the house should be added. He, his brother and cousins cast several spells, charms and jinx upon the house.


Security, Protection

  • Anti-Disapparation Jinx
  • Intruder Charm
  • Protego Totalum
  • Salvio Hexia
  • Stealth Sensoring Spell
  • Unplottable Charm

Family Members

Aoife Wood

Born 1928 and died at a young age. She was only 20 years old when she was killed. She married a muggle, Oliver Twist, when she was 16 years old. They moved to a very highly primitive village, a muggle village. They had a son, Adam Twist, whom was born after two years of marriage. After another two years had past and her husband found out about Aoife being a witch. Aoife’s husband accused her for witchcraft and burned her on stake. Since then the Wood family cursed the Twist blood-line, literally. Her portrait was located in Wood Manor but mysteriously disappeared the year 1966.

Akif Wood

Main Article: Akif Wood

Cameron Lloyd Akif ”Cam” Wood was born in St: Mungo’s Hospital, 22:56 GMT. He was born on 11th February 2000 and is currently 18 years of age. He was raised in a small wizarding village, Ottery St. Catchpole where he still lives. He's the best-friend of the current Minister Darius Jennings and his cousin Alec Wood. He is a member of the Wood Family, a pure-blood family, who reside in the "Wood Manor" in Ottery St. Catchpole. His father owns the Manor together with his brother and cousins. Akif still lives with his parents in the big Manor. Since three years of age Akif uses his third name to identify himself to others.